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Couple of late-breaking links to pass along...

--The Pens win a wild 5-4 contest again Montreal, giving Dan Bylsma his first career win and giving the Penguins two desperately needed points. Gonchar got the game winner, Satan scored, and Godard fought Laraque. Everyone goes home happy. [ESPN]

--One of the greatest websites I've ever seen: This is Why You're Fat. You've just got to click it for yourself. Man, does that look good.

--Last call for this week's Caption Contest, sponsored by Burghshirts. [MH]

--Mark Madden has been money this week in analyzing the Pens, and once again he hits the nail on the head by stating that Pens fans need to get over Colby Armstrong. Honestly, it's getting embarrassing. [WXDX]

--Jamie Dixon visited Pirate camp while recruiting his next batch of studs at the IMG Academy. I've got an idea: maybe Dixon can give scholarships to two guys from India who've never played basketball? [Trib]

--A new year, a new approach to the start of the season for Adam LaRoche. Which means instead of getting five hits in the month of April, he'll get at least seven. []

--Marian Hossa in a fight? With who, an angry Penguin fan? []

--New Pirate Eric Hinske compared the 2009 Pirates to the 2008 AL Champion Tampa Bay Rays. Well, maybe from the standpoint that they both play baseball, but that's about where it stops. [PG]

--Again, that's Tampa Bay, ranked #1 in AOL's power rankings, and the Pirates, ranked next-to-last. [FanHouse]

--Interesting article on the Pens' handling of Michel Therrien by Michael Farber, who incidentally looks exactly like the dad on Family Ties. [SI]

--Bryant McFadden wants to get paid, and that just might happen in Miami. [Steelers Gab]

--Santonio Holmes was fined $10,000 for his Super Bowl TD celebration. It was worth it. [FanHouse]

--SI finally speaks on the disappearing Danica Patrick tattoo, thus closing the internet's equivalent of the A-Rod scandal in which everyone wants answers. [Deadspin]

--In the spirit of the season, here's the March Meme Madness Tournament of Champions. [Unemployed A-Hole]

--That Kiss 96.1 Snuggie video earlier today was a parody of this SNL skit, which I neglected to mention. It's pretty funny, just watch the language if you open at work. [YouTube]

By the way, did you know T-Pain's real name is Faheem Rasheed Najm?

--Ever wonder the conversation A-Rod had with Cousin Yuri in 2001? Here's an interpretation. [Major League Jerk]

--Only one way to sum up how many titles the Steelers have won: the six-fingered glove. [Bleacher Report]

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Steve Braband said...

Thanks dude, I just spent the past 24 minutes on "This is Why You're Fat"

A corn dog pizza?!? Amazing.

bohica said...

One thing I have tried to explain to my down here in FL is the concept of the Pizza Burger. Not just a burger on a bun with mozzarella and pizza sauce, I mean the burger patty sandwiched around two huge slabs of sicilian pizza (I get mine with pepperoni and mushrooms). Is that only available in the 'burgh?

And that is why I'm fat.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I was actually starting to get nauceous looking at some of those pictures on thisiswhyourefat

Somebody has got to send them a picture of a pie from Vincent's Pizza Park out in Plum. Some of my former co-worker's were from Murrysville and they took me there a couple of times; it was unbelievable. You could grease an engine with the drippings from a pizza there and it's probably the best pizza i have ever eaten.

Anonymous said...

That giant deathburger/pizza thing looks freaking AWESOME.

Broke But Still Drinking said...

I hope Dixon wasn't getting any coaching pointers at Pirate camp. I don't want Pitt losing to a local high school basketball team.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I don't remember the last time i saw a guy pull another guys jersey all the way off in a hockey fight.