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Could this man be the newest member of the Pittsburgh Steelers? If he has his way, yes, Colts center Jeff Saturday would gladly sign on with the black and gold, according to his Pittsburgh-based agent, Ralph Cindrich.

"I talked to Jeff after the Super Bowl, and he said if you can get me there, that would be beautiful," said Pittsburgh-based agent Ralph Cindrich. "This is a Rooney-type of guy if ever there was one."

Yeah, that statement sorta removes any gray area about Saturday's wishes. He's the latest chip to fall in the dismantling of the Indianapolis Colts, who have already bid adieu to Tony Dungy and Marvin Harrison this offseason. Saturday is a three-time Pro Bowler at center but would be willing to play guard; he's also a 10-year veteran who missed four games due to injury last season.

It shouldn't shock anyone that a player would want to play for the Steelers. They're a model organization, they win, and they have a coach that most of the players appear to genuinely like. The question with Saturday and any other free agent will ultimately come down to cashola, and only those on the inside know where and how that money is intended to be spent. One thing I do know is that the Steelers are going to need at least a few linemen due to some unavoidable farewells (such as Marvel Smith), so signing Saturday should be worth some consideration, but only if it fits within their long-range plans.

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