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At long last, we've reached the end of the NFL (and the Steelers') season. It's been an exciting ride packed with highs, lows, touchdowns, turnovers, stretchers, towels, and Renegade. In this week's podcast, Dave and I break down the final Steeler game of 2008-09, predicting what the components of a Steeler or Cardinal victory would be. And yes, I finally reveal my official "prediction" for the outcome (as if you had to guess).

We also discuss some of Dave's recent lists, including the 60 Greatest Plays in Pittsburgh Sports History and The Best (and Worst) Pittsburgh Jerseys of all time, at which point I instructed anyone disagreeing with the lists to direct their angry emails to Dave's inbox, since they were his lists, after all.

To listen, visit the link below:

Mondesi's House/Dave Dameshek podcast 1/30/09