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"Here is a Terrible Towel Photo from Asadabad, Afghanistan (located 5 miles from the Pakistan Border). In the photo are MAJ John Stitch and myself (MAJ Kevin Coates). We will be watching the Super Bowl at 3:30AM Monday morning on AFN." -- MAJ Kevin Coates

"This is Mike Logan. Saw him doing events and activities just like everybody else. Of course I'm the only Steelers fan in the joint to recognize this backup safety from far away first. Then you see his Super Bowl 40 ring. Nice guy and his girl was funny cracking jokes and what not. When I got home I realized I shouldve asked him to let me wear the ring in a photo." -- John G.

"Here's a picture of the now-infamous Steeler bar-owner in Rome holding up the Steeler Nation flag in front of St. Peter's Basilica." -- Andrew V., East Lansing, MI

In honor of a Super Bowl story from years gone by...from Steve B., Pittsburgh

Ben and Kurt's milk ad, from the finest Ben site on the net, Big Ben News


The inevitable Terrible Towel Shamwow parody.
Nicely done, but missing the obvious touch of Vince's headset!


Jason asked a few days ago about the best place in Pittsburgh to watch SB43, and the Post Gazette has the definitive guide to the Burgh's game-day eateries. [PG]


"Much has been made of the many Steeler players and coaches who have gone from Pgh to Phoenix. The only player I am aware of who has gone the other direction is Mitch Berger. That may be part of a grand conspiracy to infiltrate the Steelers, or perhaps Mitch is the secret weapon. During the vast amount of free time that NFL punters have hanging around practice Mitch was studying the Cards defense, and as the photo below shows he does know how to hold a ball in preparation for throwing. The fake punt against the Chargers was all a set up. In the Super Bowl the Steelers will show that fake punt run, the one that dives into the pile for a 2 yard loss, but then bust out the real fake which involves Mitch with a pass/run option. Checkmate. Just don’t go Garo Yepremian." -- Art C.


--Heinz (I mean Hines) Ward is officially listed as probable [PG]

--A teen with Pittsburgh roots was sent home from school in Arizona for sporting a football jersey that wasn't red and white. [WPXI]

--Don't waste your time greeting the Steelers at the airport [PG]

--With a victory, Ben Roethlisberger or Kurt Warner would have two Super Bowl titles. Does this make the winner a Hall of Famer? [Baltimore Sun]

--Pittsburgh city schools get a two-hour delay on Super Monday [PG]

--It's the Friday edition of DJ Gallo's Super Bowl Blauggh [ESPN]

--So you're sitting on Radio Row, and then....FIGHT! [Deadspin]

--In anticipation of Cardinals-Steelers, FanHouse takes a look back at some forgotten storylines from past Super Bowls. Today's installment: the 37-yard pass to Hines on a third and 28 in SBXL. [FanHouse]

--Skippy Reed talks football and internet pictures [USA Today]

--The experts' picks on SB43 [ESPN]

--Rabbits would've been lucky to avoid a young Santonio Holmes [Slowbreaker]

--The always-entertaining take of Mark Madden on #86 [WXDX/Mark Madden]

--P Diddy gave a lousy effort at his Super Bowl party this week [Blog 'n' Gold]

--Sunday will be a reunion for former Big 10 rivals Levi Brown and Lamarr Woodley [Beaver County Times]

--Puppy Bowl V is on... []

--Lingerie Bowl is off...because of nudity! [FanHouse]

--Rush Limbaugh is a huge Steeler fan []

--Can you guess the Super Bowl participant from a pic of his WAG or ex and a clue she gives? [World of Isaac]

--The Dolphins passed on Whisenhunt and Tomlin in 2007 in favor of Cam Cameron [Sun Sentinel]

--What would've happened if the Steelers picked Whis? [Trib]

--Checking in with Findlay, OH, home of Big Ben []

--5 reasons why the Cardinals will win [SI]

--Apparently, no one knows how to spell 'Roethlisberger' [Yardbarker]

--Andrew Johnston grew up in DuBois and has since been exiled to Philadelphia. Here's his story of "Growing up Yinzer" and rooting the Steelers on in a land of Eagles fans. Good stuff. [Phillyist]

--Celebrities give their annual Super Bowl picks. I was wondering who Maya Angelou was rooting for. [ABC News]

--The Pop Rocks have become a YouTube sensation [WTAE]

--Not exactly the most flattering article you'll ever read about Sunday's announcer, John Madden. [Wall St. Journal]

--Franco wants you to sit on his loveseat [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

--This makes fun of Steeler fans, but I must admit, it's pretty funny. [The Sporting Blog]

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Broke But Still Drinking said...

That is the prototypical Steeler fan, but where's the buddy with a sweatshirt and winter cap who is too cheap to dress for the warm weather.

He may be stocking the IC Light cooler with ice.