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It's a cold day in Pittsburgh, and luckily for Dave Dameshek, he's on an entirely different coast. But The Shek will be making The Trek (to Pittsburgh, that is) for the AFC Championship, so we had to talk about what we think will happen on Sunday.

We discuss Flacco vs. Ben; how long the weary, banged-up Ravens can last on adrenaline; the apparent improvement of the Steeler offensive line; the weather factor; and virtually anything else you can think of related to the big game.

We also discussed the Mark Sanchez-Pete Carroll press conference, which featured one of the greatest photos I've seen in a while:

A touching send-off

As I mentioned to Dave, this is just another example of how Dave Wannstedt is a vastly superior coach to Pete Carroll. OK, maybe he's not quite Pete Carroll, but at least he doesn't taint his players' NFL stock on their way out the door.

To listen, visit the link below:

Mondesi's House/Dave Dameshek podcast 1/16/09

*Dave also had a great interview with Skippy Reed on Wednesday that you'll want to hear

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