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A cool Steeler wallpaper (click for a larger view)
Must've been funny hat day on PTI...

Towel sighting in the Fisher, Indiana post office:

The Terrible Towel meets the Mayan Ruins
Mayor Steelerstahl is not the only one changing a name due to the big game:

The latest news as we countdown to kickoff:

--Local boys Reggie Wells and Steve Breaston suit up for the Pittsburgh West Cardinals tomorrow. [PG]

--The PG has video from yesterday's Roast the Ravens rally

--The Baltimore Sun continues to try and taunt Steeler fans. I love how newspapers have fully embraced trash-talk.

--Steelers ranked #3 in merchandise sold and place two players in the top 10 for jersey sales. Honestly, I expected more. [Sun Sentinel]

--Entering this season, 22 NFL head coaches since 2001 were promoted NFL assistants with no head coaching experience. (Mike Tice was an interim coach.) Free Press sports writer Kevin Bull looks at how those coaches fared.

*Thanks to Mike M., Koz, Brian P., Steve B., and Jim for the pics

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Justin said...

I'm surprised Limas Sweed jerseys weren't in the top 10

Chip said...

I caught that Hines interview on PTI. He said that was his "battle helmet." He also said he wanted to feel like he was in a foxhole going to battle so he didn't take a shower all week.

Kornheiser loved that one, although I'm not sure if it was because of the ridiculousness of the statement or the mental image of Hines in a shower.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

As much as I knock on the negative nancy sportswriters we have for hte PG and Trib, i am proud to say that they don't stoop to the level of those in Baltimore and make an all out attack against a city as a whole.