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So last night I'm thinking of angles to further fire us up for Sunday's Steeler playoff game, and I get the bright idea to have a viewing gallery of motivational videos. I have a few in mind, but I thought I would open it up to the rest of you to make it really compelling.

Whether it's movie-related, Steeler-related, or whatever, email me your video links to get the Steelers (and us) amped up for Sunday, as if we need it. Think NFL Films, think Rocky, think memorable, stirring speeches. That kind of stuff. Here we go, Steeler fans. Here. We. Go.


Two videos that have somehow eluded me...

1. Does anyone have footage of Chris Mims and the Terrible Towel after the '94 AFC Championship?

2. How about the Styx defense montage they play at Heinz Field?

Any info would make this an infinitely better post tomorrow

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