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Dave Dameshek and I had lots of ground (and I mean LOTS of ground) to cover on this week's edition of the podcast, including ample Steeler and NFL talk, thoughts on what the heck is going on at the Igloo, and well wishes for Shady McCoy as he makes the jump to the next level. Plus, in contrast to last week, a discussion on what Pittsburgh jerseys not to wear (hint: one of them rhymes with Jordell). It's as action-packed as a podcast could be. And if listening to me doesn't float your boat, maybe you'll enjoy Dave's interview with one Casey Hampton as a change of pace?

To listen, visit the link below:

Mondesi's House/Dave Dameshek podcast 1/9/09

While you're there, be sure to get the story behind this photo, recently unearthed from the Dameshek Vault, featuring a young Dave with a fresh-faced quarterback that used to call Pittsburgh home:

*One last thing - keep those motivational videos coming, and check back very soon for the entire collection as submitted by you!

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