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That's the latest word from Coach Mike Tomlin at his final press conference before SB43 today, which is good news, ESPN reports aside.

Of course, the more intriguing part of the Trib story was the fact that their photo caption referred to Hines Ward as "Heinz", which was probably a mistake unless Mike Tomlin was talking about either his love of ketchup or his fondness for the Steelers' stadium.

Quick - someone tell Hines that the Pittsburgh newspaper doesn't know how to spell his name will be the last "they didn't respect me" bit of motivation he could use before suiting up for SB43.

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Steve said...

Probably the ketchup. Heinze is great and Tomlin's not afraid to admit it. I hate getting that imitation stuff or the Hunts crap because the places are either too cheap or biased against Heinze for some reason (restaurants in Baltimore for example).

Sam said...

Let's not forget that, according to the Tribune-Review, Tomlin isn't even the coach of the Steelers (recall, they were the one who reported that Russ Grimm got the job).

Anonymous said...

Heinz has 57 great varieties.