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This time of year, it seems like everyone's a Steeler fan, from today's pre-game entertainment, (Hank Williams Jr.) to Pittsburgh native Michael Fink waving a gravity-free Terrible Towel in support of the black and gold.

As we've seen many times, the Steelers and U.S. Presidents seem to go hand-in-hand with great photo ops. So let us sit back and enjoy this retrospective of the Steelers' support from U.S. Presidents through history, as interpreted by Joe Calinger of Youngstown, Ohio...

Dan Rooney and Barack Obama discuss how the Steel Curtain D stacks up against the 2008 version

Mike Tomlin, Joe Biden & Barack Obama talk zone blitzing

Barack Obama, the most efficient member of the Steelers' 2008 draft class, and undoubtedly a better wideout than Limas Sweed, is introduced after reaching terms on a 4-year deal

William Jefferson Clinton, a renowned Steeler supporter

Ike Eisenhower surely would've been a fan of #24

Harry S Truman was a card-carrying member of Steeler Nation

JFK shows his support

Ronald Reagan dons an authentic throwback jersey

Here's Gerald Ford, who apparently played for the Steelers in the glum pre-Super Bowl era

Even Teddy Roosevelt displayed his towel with pride

Terrible Towels show up everywhere, even the Nixon Inauguration

Abe Lincoln tailgates in what would later become the Heinz Field parking lot
So there you have it. The men in charge are behind us, and finally, we have Photoshopped evidence to prove it. Expect ample Towels present at the upcoming inauguration.

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