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Leave it to the Baltimorons to somehow make fake unibrows into a fashion statement. And they have the nerve to cast stones at Pittsburgh!

I'd throw a few more one-liners in, but proceeds from the Bert Flacco-inspired gag benefit charity (although that's never failed to stop opposing fans ripping on the Terrible Towel).

For some real comic relief, I'll instead point you to the news that the Pirates placed a call to free agent pitcher Pedro Martinez. That's right, the team that lost out on superstar free agents Derrick Turnbow and Rocco Baldelli this offseason think they have a shot with Pedro Martinez, although his 5.61 ERA and $7 million salary seem to fit in nicely with what the Pirates have done in past seasons. And if the pitching thing doesn't work out, they can always bring in 72-year-old men to wrestle with him.

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