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If I may interrupt our Super Bowl obsession for a few moments, there are a few other sports notes around our city today that are worth mentioning:

--The Pitt Panthers are no longer the #1 team in the nation. It sure was a fun two games while it lasted. But they rebounded from the Saturday night loss nicely with a 78-60 win over #8 Syracuse last night at the Pete.

As we've seen numerous times and most recently against Louisville, this team's going to have to keep Dejuan Blair out of foul trouble, and keep him out they did against Syracuse, as Blair contributed 20 points and 12 rebounds to the cause. Sam Young found his shooting touch and lit up the scoreboard for 22 points in front of a crowd of 12,508 and one basketball-loving two-time Super Bowl QB.

Next up for Pitt is a Sunday matchup with Huggy Bear and the West Virginia Mountaineers.

--Adam LaRoche just re-signed for one year, $7.05 million, a raise of over $2 million from his .270, 25 HR, 85 RBI 2008 season. Because if anyone deserves a $2 million raise in this economy, it's Adam LaRoche. [PG]

--Headline from Sunday's previously-discussed Pirate Winter Caravan: Nutting: Pirates must improve in 2009. I agree with Nutting. I expect nothing less than at least 95 wins in 2009. [PG]

--It's another Staal Bowl tonight at the Igloo as the Pens take on the Carolina Hurricanes, trying to build on the little two-game win streak in which the team has allowed just one goal. This town loooooves defense. []

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Steve said...

$2 million more for Adam LaRoche? Why not, they have to burn that money somewhere. Not like they're going to use it to win or anything. Besides, they need to find another money pit to invest in since Morris is no longer around.

Seriously, the last thing the Pirates want to do is get better, because someone might actually expect them to step up and be buyers instead of sellers for once and teams like the Yankees and Red Sox wouldn't be too happy if one of their farm teams rocked the boat. I'll give him this much, Nutting sure knows where his bread is buttered.

Broke But Still Drinking said...

PNC would better serve as a 24/7 firework store for Pittsburghers, rather than a baseball stadium.

Steve said...

How about a fleamarket, or rodeo even? It will definately be a nice place for an ice rink for a future winter classic game. Maybe George Romero can film another Living Dead flick there. He wouldn't even have to go far for zombie cast extras since most days/nights between March and October, there will be 40 of them just wandering around the field and dugout looking for brains to eat.

Chip said...

The worst part is I turn on ESPN and see on the crawl "Xavier Nady signs 1 year deal to avoid arbitration for $6.25 million"

I'm not saying X-man is some great player but he was a very solid productive player last year. So we basically traded the solid productive player who signs for LESS MONEY then the shitty player we kept who only hits after July and never does anything to help us win.

I hate the Pirates. Sometimes I actually wished we could trade them to another city for an NBA franchise or something.