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STEELER/TOWEL PICS"Here's a shot of my buddy Brett putting the hex on the Cards shiny new toy, the NFC Championship trophy. He works in Phoenix and they brought the trophy around to his office buildings lobby for Cards fans to see it. He did us all proud as evidenced by this photo" - Rich P. from Great Balls of Fire

From Deadspin:
"Mommy, why is the man in the Steelers shirt showing the bad finger to the Steelers skeleton?" That was the question asked in this Maryland sports medicine facility recently, and no one really had an answer. Poor Steelers skeleton. Hopefully the deceased was not a victim of malpractice, or a Cardinals fan.

"Guess I never thought it was so special, but I ran the 2007 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC with a Terrible Towel. I had it thought the whole race, and there were Steeler fans (everywhere!) cheering when they saw it." -- Tim S., Venetia

"The company that I work for recently decided to show what “BIG” Steeler fans the company is. The banner is 60’w X 10’h. If anyone wants to take a look, the sign is located on RT 51 right by the ridge road exit in Jefferson Hills." -- Steve B.
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--As you may or may not realize, we're already in Day Two of the 2009 Piratefest. I know, try to contain yourselves. Day One featured the unveiling of new uniforms, which prompted yet another ridiculous offseason comment that nearly broke my inbox thanks to people's predictable/cynical reaction:

Frank Coonelly explained as part of the announcement today at the team's annual media luncheon that one reason for restoring the sleeves was that four of the franchise's five championships were won in that fashion and that the move was made "as part of our return to championship-caliber baseball."

The collective response of Pirate Nation: "Bwaaahahahahaha!"

--20,000 Yinzers show up at Heinz Field for the official send-off. Travel safely, boys. [Trib]

--Great article on the legacy of Dick Lebeau. Why is he not in the HOF again? [DC Steeler Nation]

--Ranking all 106 Super Bowl 43 players. Someone was apparently bored. [ESPN]

--Super Bowl play enhances the value of free agents. Just ask Antwaan Randle-El and Chris Hope as they crush you with their wallets. [Trib]

--Limas Sweed says he'll be ready. Gulp. [PG]

--Max Starks bought a bunch of watches for his teammates. And why not? He's rich. [WTAE]

--Photo gallery of the DVE Rally at Diesel on Thursday night. Skippy was there. [WDVE]


To the guy who asked earlier in the week, yes, Ben was eating Dippin Dots at the Pitt-Syracuse game

Yes, that is the sweet, vintage stache of Alby Oxenreiter interviewing Bill Cowher postgame at SBXXX


Mark K. in Chicago ran away with the Steeler Party contest, capturing 72% of the vote. He gets the Pepsi prize pack for his efforts. Congrats and party hearty.

Sam S. from Washington DC won this week's link/video/email submission contest, he gets a Steelers AFC Championship 8x10 photo courtesy of The Steel City Auctions Gallery - featuring an entire line of AFC Championship photos (even Fleury waving the Towel!) for just $4.99.

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Dave said...

Lebeau is not in the HOF simply because he has been in the league for 50 straight years. If he took some time off (I believe the requirement is 5 years, but I can't remember now) he'd be a shoe-in. His stats as a player are certainly good enough to warrant induction, but as a coach he will waltz in. That is if he ever retires, that is.

Justin said...

Best part about the Dippin Dots is the announcers were talking about what a tough guy Ben is while they showed him eating his girly ice cream

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I couldnt wait to hear fallout from Coonnelly's amazing comment.

Maybe he was watching Major League (looking for more ways to run our club into the ground) and when Lou Brown told Ricky Vaughn "Caps and Sleeves are required" the lightbulb came on..... still no word on whether Charlie Sheen has received his invitation to Spring Training yet.

RedHawks Hockey said...

There's nothing girly about dippin dots.

They are a delicious and refreshing ice cream treat.