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My apologies for the late posting of this week's ESPN podcast with Dave Dameshek, but I wanted to give that Greatest Plays discussion a little time to breathe (and please, keep adding to our list). As I mentioned, Dave and I were debating those plays at great length in this "episode", and we butt heads right off the bat, as he goes for the Immaculate Reception as the best and I stick with Maz's home run.

We also talk about the AFC Championship, R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Big Ben, the current atmosphere of Steeler Nation, and much, much more.

To listen, visit the link below:

Mondesi's House/Dave Dameshek podcast 1/23/09

A few extra links from the show:

--The Dameshek Show's Exclusive Musical Talent, the Dick Banks House Band, has come up with a great new Steeler song ("Steelers D"), set to AC/DC's "TNT". You can listen to that right here.

--I briefly mentioned an ESPN article wondering if the Steelers are the greatest franchise in sports, and Dave talked to the author, Dave Fleming, on Wednesday. Click on the 1/21 podcast for the interview.

--Dave was at Heinz Field for the AFC Championship game, and you can see his pictures here.

--And some good news, you can now listen to Dave's show and our podcasts on ESPN 1250 in Pittsburgh's website as well.

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