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OK, follow the emails...

Friday, 12:46 AM:

"Not sure if caught any of the Gonzaga/St. Mary's game on ESPN2 but there appears to be a Terrible Towel waving in the Gonzaga Student Section. Sorry I cant come up with proof of it but maybe another reader can help with that. Just wanted to let you know." -- Brian K.

Friday, 12:30 PM:

"Saw this at a Gonzaga game on ESPN last night and caught the screen shot from the news reports later. Check out the lower left hand corner in the student section.

And for the record, Gonzaga is located near Spokane, WA. We are everywhere." -- Chris S., Seattle
What's crazier: the fact that a guy noticed a Terrible Towel in a late-night WCC basketball game, or the fact that I didn't even bother asking if anybody had a screen shot, because I just knew someone else would come through with a pic given a little time?

It's official, guys: we've got towel addiction.

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