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The roller coaster also known as the Pitt Panthers moved up to #21 in this week's AP Top 25 after a 41-7 laugher against Louisville at Heinz Field on Saturday. Hats off to Dave Wannstedt and company for, you know, WINNING a winnable home game. Pitt's next opponent, the Cincinnati Bearcats, are #22 following a dramatic overtime win versus West Virginia, who dropped out of the poll this week, again proving what a great hire Bill Stewart turned out to be.

Penn State had their BCS problem solved by Iowa last night, and subsequently fell to 7th. The Lions' remaining schedule includes a home meeting with Indiana and a road matchup with #18 Michigan State. I'm sure the fact that they lost to a team that Pitt beat rubs a little extra salt into the wound.

The newest CBS Sportsline bowl projections have Pitt going to the Orange Bowl and facing projected ACC Champion and Butch Davis-coached North Carolina. I think that scenario would probably satisfy most Panther fans, no?

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad PSU lost. Now we hopefully won't have to hear anymore whining from their fan base for the rest of the season.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I'm pouring myself a glass of Wanny-aide as we speak. Two weeks from now, the game against Cincy could determine the conference. My prediction is that Pitt will beat Cincy and WVU and then somehow lay a massive egg against UConn

nuthinhere said...

The last 2 games for PSU are at home. I don't think what Pitt does matters much to Penn State. Why would it, its not like the play each other anymore. It sucks that they lost, but they weren't going to the BCS title game anyway. The Big TenEleven is weak and Ohio State's "stellar" performances in the last 2 BCS title games would have made sure of that.