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COULD FAST WILLIE'S SEASON BE OVER? - UPDATED is reporting that Steeler RB Willie Parker has a torn labrum, and that if he plays again this season he will require a shoulder harness. This is not good news for Parker, as it could potentially end his season early for the second time in as many years. With the release of Najeh Davenport on Saturday, that would leave the Steelers with just two running backs: Mewelde Moore and Gary Russell. Which makes me wonder why the Steelers released Davenport in the first place.


The latest ESPN report says this:

Parker denied the report on Sunday and told ESPN's Bob Holtzman no one has told him he has a torn labrum. Parker said the first he heard of the report was when he got a call from his agent Sunday morning. Parker said his body is "beat up" but does not expect to be out for the season and hopes to play next week.

Which basically means I'm more confused than ever. Of course, I've heard reports that Ben Roethlisberger is and isn't playing today, so confusion regarding Steeler injuries would be nothing new.

A few other Steeler-related links to shoehorn in:

--Sports by Brooks points out some harsh comments that Ed Bouchette had about the Philadelphia Eagles' website.

--The Cowher-to-Cleveland wishes are getting louder. If the Chin plays this right, he could leverage the upcoming opportunities into the richest coaching contract ever. Of course, that would require leaving his job reading highlights alongside Shannon Sharpe.

--There's a new episode of WDVE's Gunslingers up, in which the Sheriff talks about the big Washington win and the recent election of Barack Obama. As always, it's full of laughs.

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