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Najeh Davenport is quickly taking over the role that Brian St. Pierre held down for so many years: the prestigious "yo-yo" spot on the Steelers' roster.

You see, the on-again, off-again back up running back is once again off of the Steelers' roster, being replaced by rookie linebacker Donovan Woods, out of Oklahoma State.

Davenport played in four games this season, averaging 21.7 yards on 10 kickoff returns; he ran for five yards in two carries at running back. He will now go back to his secondary career of being the butt of internet poop jokes.

Update: Way to prove me right, CBS Sports Line!

In other Stiller news, expect Phil Simms to mention the Pitt game tomorrow during the Steelers-Colts broadcast. Why? Because his son Matt just entered the game as Louisville's QB and Papa Simms happened to be in a Heinz Field luxury box looking on. As I sidenote, let me add that it's nice to be able to watch a Pitt game on WTAE and not have to hunt for it on CBS College, or, or some other non-traditional method of watching the local team play.

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Anonymous said...

Send your news, tips, and internet poop jokes to

Thejim said...

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Also, the Big East (pseudo) Network needs to invest in some HD cameras. It's embarrassing.

Wade said...

Amen to the HD comment, the picture quality is horrendous.