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The top two participants of the India's "Million Dollar Arm" contest are now the property of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

20-year-old left-handed pitcher Rinku Singh and 19-year-old right-handed pitcher Dinesh Kumar Patel (or as they've been dubbed by Steve Is Alive Braband, "Harold and Kumar") were recently signed by the team as non-roster free agents, prompting an avalanche of emails of the "Have you seen this????" variety flooding my inbox.

Singh and Patel became the first-ever Indian-born players to sign a pro sports contract outside of the country after literally winning a contest in India. The competition was based on what person could throw the most pitches 85 miles an hour or faster for strikes. It sounds to me like American Idol meets Randy Johnson.

Will this be the move that puts the Pirates over the top someday? Probably not, but then again, they couldn't be much worse than John Vanbenschoten.

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Unknown said...

I guess they can't get much worse so why not, but what?? I don't thinks this stinks of desperation because that implies they're trying to cover up their desperation.

AJ said...

thank you... come again!

nuthinhere said...

Sure, why not. A couple of cricket bowlers from India. What could possibly go wrong? Eh, its the Pirates, celebrating its 16th year of suck.

Real McCoy said...

Randy Bauman and Jimmy Krenn were talking about this today on DVE.

Harold and Kummar go to New Castle.

shmaiken said...

I hear they are already 1 and 2 on the depth chart for the 2009 season

Unknown said...

Rather than come up with a smarmy comment, I'll keep it simple on this one:


Unknown said...

Is this honestly much different than signing some 15 year old Dominican kid that played baseball with a stick and no shoes to a contract? They likely signed them for very little money, and they'll work with them for a few years. If it doesn't work out, no harm no foul.

I think it is actually a good thing, as it points to management's willingness to try anything to build a decent club.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I think it is actually a good thing, as it points to management's willingness to try anything to build a decent club.

Try anything that requires spending to least amount of money in every facet.

I heard we are negotiating with the monkey from that Matt LeBlance movie to replace Andy LaRoche at 3rd base............ actually that might be an upgrade,

Kirk Wojno said...