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--Friday's Backyard Brawl will probably be your last chance to watch Shady McCoy play at Heinz Field (for Pitt, that is). [PG]

--Congrats to my W&J Presidents, 35-21 winners in their first-round playoff game against Christopher Newport, which is either a school or one singular guy who somehow made it into the D-3 playoffs. []

--Here's the highly-anticipated Ryan Malone song, sung by a guy who is really bitter towards Ryan Malone. [The PensBlog]

--Big Ben brings his mouth to a gunfight...and wins. What can't he do? [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

--Ben Roethlisberger=Guy Fieri. You'll just have to click the link to see how it relates. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

--The Phil Savage email fiasco is detailed at length by Joe Bendel, with photos. A definite candidate for story of the year. [Fox 970]

--Loyal Notre Dame fans spent Saturday hurling snowballs at their own team during the Syracuse game. Yeah, that Charlie Weis hire is really working out well. [AOL Fanhouse]

--Looks like Pitt inked a top-25 recruiting class for hoops. Some have it 9th, some have it 24th. [PG]

--The Pens get high marks from Scott Burnside in his quarter-season report. [ESPN]

--PacMan Jones' next misstep will probably be the end of his NFL career. Can we start calling him "Morris the Cat" at this point? [ESPN]

--Anyone curious to see what Macho Man Randy Savage looks like these days? [Zimbio]

--A simply unreal Barry Bonds tattoo. That is all. [Mouthpiece Sports]

--Is it me, or does this recap of the Bengal-Steeler game sound a little overly-optimistic? []

--Is the world aware that there's an ongoing lawsuit between Taco Bell and 50 Cent over their offer to give $10,000 to charity if he changed his name to 79, 89, or 99 Cent? [TMZ]

--I know this is from last week, but I didn't get a chance to mention it: how stupid were the auto manufacturer CEOs who flew private jets to ask the government for money? [ABC News]

--The word 'meh', thought of to be introduced to the world in a 2001 episode of The Simpsons, makes the cut for this year's Collins Dictionary. [Wall Street Fighter]

--There are 34 bowl games this year, meaning that 68 teams will be playing in the postseason. That's bigger than March Madness. [Wall St. Journal]

--OK know-it-alls: here's 5 things you didn't know about the NFL. [Ask Men]

--Why are America's worst hamburgers all so tasty? [Men's Health]

--Want to lose some fat from eating all of those bad hamburgers? Read this first. [Ask Men]

--Check out this video of young Adam Bender, the boy who plays little league with one leg. [YouTube]

--It's a sad days for Dancing with the Stars fans: Julianne Hough has called it quits, ending her Steeler-like dynasty. [Yahoo!] TV

--Twilight took in over $70 million this weekend, probably because there was no Steeler game to distract the country. [LA Times]

--Here are the 25 worst-selling #1 albums of all time. If you're wondering, the Ron Artest album doesn't qualify, since it never reached #1. [Yahoo!]

--The follow-up to Superbad has a trailer, and it looks promising. [FilmDrunk]

--Here's a list of the 10 Most Memorable Posthumous Performances. Wonder if Heath Ledger made the cut? [Yahoo! Movies]

--The child of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz has a name: Bronx Mowgli. Seriously. [WWTDD]

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RedHawks Hockey said...

The Ryan Malone song... speechless... I loves it.

getfreshdesigns said...

Meh was in a the Mojo the Monkey Episode of the Simpsons, in 1998. I don't get the reference to the 2001 episode as being the first.

Thejim said...

The Macho Man picture is really depressing.

Bloomfield412 said...

Maybe I am stating the obvious, but does everyone know that "Adventureland" was filmed at Kennywood last year?

Anonymous said...

Madden must have been strapped for time today. I think he based half his show around your update today.

I do recall Benz briefly discussing the Kennywood filming last year, but I never found any information about it when I searched.