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I've never been one to think of Bengals WR Chad Johnson/Ocho Cinco as one of superior intelligence, outside of the way he's duped the national media to pay great attention to a decent yet distracting receiver on a horrible team.

Those opinions aside, I was a bit surprised when I was alerted to a recent ad at the bottom of an ESPN page stating that Johnson/Cinco's IQ was a mere 10. And the average Steeler fan? 141, of course. We're no dummies, but I'm sure you already knew that. After all, you have an IQ of 141.

This sets quite the backdrop for Thursday's contest between the Bingles [Phil Simms' pronunciation, not mine] and the Steelers, also known as The Revenge Game. For the record, Hines is fearing no Bengal, because I've yet to see the day when a Bengal intimidated anybody. Seriously, is he supposed to be scared of Chinedum Ndukwe?

In other Steeler news:

--Interesting discussion from Mark Madden today: is Hines Ward headed to the Hall of Fame? I say yes...but it may take a few years. Art Monk is 7th in league history in receptions, and it took him eight tries to get in.

--Willie Parker wants the Steelers to go back to "Steeler Football", which I'm assuming calls for touchdowns somewhere in the game plan.

--Looks like Heath Miller might return for the game. The outlook is not quite as bright for Deshea Townsend, and Bryant McFadden.

--The Bengals will be starting a rookie offensive tackle named Anthony Collins. Get used to the name, because you'll probably hear the phrase, "The Steelers are manhandling Anthony Collins" numerous times on Thursday.

--Carson Palmer is officially out again. Why? Because he sees a rookie offensive tackle that's been assigned to protect him, and his IQ, obviously greater than 10, realized that's not a good thing.

*Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Joe Downey for spotting the Chad Johnson IQ ad.

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HotDog_Zanzabar said...

You really have it out for chinedum ndukwe

Anonymous said...

Any comment on PittGirl leaving the blogosphere?

Jim said...

Don't you just love how Phil Simms says "eem" instead of "him"?