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--Stiller injury update: Keisel, Marvel, and Townsend are all out. Parker and McFadden are questionable. Holmes is good to go. Ernster is gone. [Trib]

--Quick, name one of the nation's top five safe havens for real estate. Time's up. It's PITTSBURGH. [Yahoo! Real Estate]

--The trailer for Adventureland, the Kennywood-filmed comedy featuring Twlight's Kristen Stewart and Ryan "Husband of Scarlett Johansson" Reynolds, is up and running. Enjoy.

--FSN Pittsburgh will be re-airing some classic Pens games from the 2007-08 season on Thanksgiving day, including the Winter Classic and the triple-OT Game Five of the Stanley Cup Finals. Sure, we know the outcomes of the games, but it's still better than watching the Lions. []

--Steelers are #4 in the latest ESPN Power Rankings, which puts them in either the Orange or Fiesta Bowl if the season ended today. [ESPN]

--Hot on the heels of the recent news that Cam Bonifay has found gainful employment with the Cincinnati Reds, former Bucco skipper Jim Tracy will be the bench coach of the Colorado Rockies. And the final piece to a World Series return is now in place. [Bleacher Report]

--Mike Florio calls for an investigation of Gerald Poindexter, based on some wildly inappropriate behavior that you'll have to click to read more about. [PFT]

--Browns owner Randy Lerner admits that he is envious of the Steelers. And well he should be. When we have an e-mail scandal, it's with a position coach and not the GM of the franchise. [ESPN]

--Purely for the reader once known as "Louis Lipps is My Homeboy", here's an interview with the real Louis Lipps. [Pittsburgh Magazine]

--Looks like Warren Sapp and Derek Hough mixed it up on the Dancing with the Stars set. Wait a minute...this is the same guy that called out Keyshawn for appearing on an interior decorating show, right? [TMZ, Fanhouse]

--Here's the full list of George W. Bush's 14 pardons. Michael Vick did not make the cut. [Yahoo!]

--Satellite radio is dead? I'm sure Howard Stern will read this article on the air...when he comes back from vacation, that is. [Datamation]

--Cool table on where IQs fall in relation to jobs. Can this be translated to Wonderlic scores? [Neatorama]

--And here's 10 video games to keep away from your kids. I don't know, Left 4 Dead sounds like good, clean family fun. [Yahoo! Games]

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HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Jim Tracy is going to have a hard time convincing Troy Tulowitzki to be more like Cesat Itzuris

william said...

When I hear the name “Adventureland,” I am filled with the instinct to make a sharp left at the end of Main Street U.S.A and dart into the land of Tiki Birds, Treehouses, Jungle Cruises and Pirates. I’m filled with the kind of happiness that words cannot describe. And so, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be very upset to find out that this blog post has nothing to do with any of that.

LeeTunnel said...

Reminds me of 1989, working the hand-cars for the final year of existance of White Swan Park. That was a great summer.

Will said...

I'm pumped for Adventureland. As someone who both worked in the Kennywood games department for several summers, it has that appeal for me. Also, my cousin is in the movie (he's the kid in the trailer singing and playing the air drums).