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STEELERS (9-3) 33
PATRIOTS (7-5) 10

PARKER 16-87

Sure, it wasn't the same Patriots team that trampled the rest of the NFL (like that poor Wal-Mart employee) last year. But don't be so quick to dismiss this as a win over an also-ran. This was a Patriots team that was being talked up as a contender by many know-it-alls who cover the league, with a quarterback coming off of two consecutive 400-yard passing games. This was also a Patriots team who crushed Steeler hopes and dreams roughly 112 times in the past decade. Make no doubt about it, this was a big win. And it was on the road.

Since the readers seemed to enjoy last week's list format to wrap up the game, let's try it again:

1. This was totally a tale of two halves. The Steelers were plodding around in the Foxborough rain in the first half en route to a 10-10 tie. The second half featured a 23-0 Steeler shutout and a physical beating delivered to the three-time champs, including the hit above delivered on Wes Welker, who I briefly felt sorry for. If a football game could ever be rated 'R', it would be the second half. It was violent.

2. That was Mike Tomlin's first win over Bill Belichick, so don't discount the importance of that. EVERY coach likes beating Bill Belichick, regardless of who is playing for him that day.

3. Randy Moss just dropped another pass.

4. Nate Washington just dropped another pass.

5. Nice to see Fast Willie Parker get into the groove to the tune of 87 yards on 16 carries. Toss in 67 yards from Mewelde and the team finished with a respectable 161 on the day.

6. It wasn't the prettiest game from Big Ben (probably because of the 51% completion percentage). That first half was sure uninspiring. But he rose to the occasion along with his teammates and capitalized on the Pats' slippery fingers in the final 30 minutes.

7. How excited were you when Troy Polamalu picked off that pass? I think that moment in a game has become my favorite. It's like how the Howard Stern show was once described: "You don't know what's going to happen next."

8. As great as the Steeler D played, Kevin Faulk somehow finished with 121 yards on 13 touches yesterday.

9. Randy Moss just dropped another pass.

10. Rapidly rising candidate for Overplayed Commercial of 2008: letting Beyonce upgraaade you.

11. Too bad Lawrence Timmons ran out of gas on the one yard line during his INT runback. The Steelers actually had 112 yards in interception yards yesterday. By comparison, Matt Cassel threw for 169. So I guess that would be a net of 57. Sure, that's worth $65 million.

12. The Steelers defense is now #1 in pass defense, rush defense, total defense, and points allowed. As long as they hold the Lombardi Trophy, I'm happy.

13. Why was this win so big? Because the Ravens keep winning, that's why.

14. The Pats were 1-for-13 on third down. I know we heard that often during the game yesterday, but it's so enjoyable, I had to say it again.

15. I get the impression there was a lot of trash talk going on yesterday. Unless you have a better explanation for Ike Taylor throwing a football at Jabar Gaffney. Who just dropped a pass.

15. James Harrison was playing with a hyperextended back yesterday. I didn't notice.

16. Big weekend of football. All the teams I root for won big games: the Steelers beat the hated Patriots, Pitt eeked out a win in the Backyard Brawl (and could be headed to the Sun Bowl against Oregon State), and W&J upset the third-ranked team in the country in the D-3 playoffs.

By the way, take five seconds and vote for W&J QB Bobby Swallow for the D-3 Player of the Year award. I'm sure he thanks you.

17. Next week, the Cowboys and their parole officers visit Heinz Field for a 4:15 date with destiny. Which means in consecutive weeks, the Steelers D-backs will face Randy Moss and Terrell Owens. I know one thing: their ears will be tired.

18. Thanks to everyone who sent links over the past couple of days. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the by the volume, which means you can expect a big link soon as I can get through them all.

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RedHawks Hockey said...

I'm not sure if I speak for anyone else but I loathe dan dierdorf. He makes watching games unbearable. He is so bad, so annoying, and acts as if he has a medical degree on every injury. I can't think of the exact line but when willie Parker was running to the left side and tried to plant with his right leg and turn it up for the first down and fell down dierdorf was saying through the entire replay that it was willies left leg and he can't plant it because of his injury and it turned to be the right leg that gave out in the end he was like oh... He is over compensating. What a clown.

RedHawks Hockey said...

Also, if James Harrison isn't defensive POY I will riot. And Ryan Clark will be fined for that hit.

mondesishouse said...

I forget which game I was watching, but the announcers were talking about the D-POY candidates, and they didn't even mention Harrison. Needless to say, I was upset on Silverback's behalf.

AJ said...

I will never tire of watching that hit on Welker.

I wonder if Belichick had any smug remarks about the play of the Steelers safeties after the game this time?

RedHawks Hockey said...

It was probably dierdorf...

mondesishouse said...

I think I've watched the Clark-Welker hit six times today.

And I forgot to mention the devastating block that a Steeler delivered on a punt return. I don't think they replayed that. Anyone know who dished that one out?

RedHawks Hockey said...

Oh god that was a thundering block. I wish I remembered who.

Also, I left Pittsburgh yesterday around 930 AM to drive back to school after Thanksgiving break. There were probably about 10+ wrecks on the way because people are stupid drivers but I stopped a few times at rest stops and truck stops to get out of the traffic and eat and what not and I was wearing my Sweed jersey. Three people come up to me and said awesome Sweed jersey man! he's gonna be so good when we gets a chance to play (truth). Three more people were standing behind me in lines and were saying under their breath Sweed? Sweed? Who the hell is Sweed?... Must be the kids last name... And about 30 people said Awesome Sweed jersey...jackass. The rough life of owning a Limas Sweed jersey.

JohnnyCuff said...

timmons threw that block according to my DVR

Real McCoy said...

In addition to Pitt and W&J, CAL also won this weekend to advance in the Division II football playoffs.

I don't think they use the term "Final Four", but I think there are 4 teams left. Cal made it this far last year before losing to Valdosta State.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

That black blur with the #94 was indeed Timmons who threw that block. My dad thought it was Hines, I told him it was "Hines-ian"

Years ago, when the Miami Dolphins were paying tribute to Don Shula before a monday night game, and the camera showed him on the field, dressed pretty dapper if I remember correctly. Dierdorf then says, "You know guys, nobody looks like Don Shula...but Don Shula!" To this day it gives me a headache thinking about that sentence.