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--Two shots in the first period and Sidney Crosby is hurt. So go the Pittsburgh Penguins last night in a 4-1 loss to Wayne Gretzky, Ulf Samuelsson, and the Phoenix Coyotes... [PG]

...which results in trade rumors a-plenty to keep the fans busy. [Lets Go Pens]

--Pens are the 18th-most valuable team in the NHL, according to Forbes magazine. That's up $88 million since it was taken over by Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle in 1999. []

--Joey Porter is leading the NFL in sacks and is poised to break Michael Strahan's single-season record. Seriously. [Trib]

--Guy climbs on top of street sign after Phillies win the World Series, fans throw vodka bottles at him and cheer when he falls. Of course, there's video. [Kiss 96.1]

--America's favorite hockey mom comes to Latrobe. She got a warmer greeting than, say, the greeting she got in Philly. [Trib]

--But don't fear...she was soon getting booed again for mentioning the Phillies win at an Erie stop, a mere 420 miles away from Philadelphia. [The Sporting Blog]

--There's a new episode of the WDVE Morning Show's Gunslingers available, as Sheriff Tomlin talks with the boys about Washington, and Mike Singletary makes a guest appearance. A+ stuff. [WDVE]

--Add Ryan Clark to the list of Steelers fined this season. I believe that brings their total to roughly $52 million in fines in 2008. [AOL Fanhouse]

--The Monroeville-filmed Zach and Miri Make a Porno hits theaters today. It features our city with images of a drunken Steelers fan, a Penguins Stanley Cup flag, a crummy old car fishtailing on snowy streets, a cameo by Tom Savini and a main setting of Monroeville. It was also banned in Utah. Not one for the kids.

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RedHawks Hockey said...

i don't like those trade talks. staal letang satan and first rounder for ilya and colby? no thanks.

AJ said...

I saw Zach & Miri last weekend... absolutely hilarious.

The scene with the drunken Steeler fan steals the show.

Thejim said...

Erie is 7 hours from Philly? Who knew, eh!?!?