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--Mark Madden gives well-deserved props to Aaron Smith, who played through some tough times on Sunday. [WXDX/Mark Madden page]

--Eli Manning tipped off the Steelers on the play call of the 4th & 1 stop of Brandon Jacobs. [Giants Football Blog]

--Here's more on Pam Oliver's 'Senior Moment' on the Steelers-Giants Fox telecast. [AOL Fanhouse]

--Mike Singletary, who laid the groundwork for a future Coors Light commercial on Sunday, said that he needs to rid his team of "cancers". [Yahoo! Sports]

--Police are reviewing the video from a rowdy Penn State postgame celebration in State College on Saturday night. I'd be rowdy if a man who coaches from the skybox led my team to the BCS title game, too. [PG]

--The Cowboys are America's Team, and the Steelers are God's Team, at least according to GQ magazine. [Jason Christ Superstar]

--Here's a list of 10 things the World Series has to change before it comes to Pittsburgh. Don't worry, they've got plenty of time to fix it. [Raise the Jolly Roger]

--Reader/Reader's Roundtable Panelist Art Campbell sends over an article mentioning the friendship of Dick LeBeau and Bobby Knight, as hinted at in my Steeler wrapup. []

--Here's an in-depth "analysis" of the Santonio arrest. [Pittsburgh's Black & Gold]

--Have you been catching the hints for the upcoming Captain America flick in other Marvel movies? [Yahoo!]

--Here's a disgusting list of 5 things found in people's fat folds. [Holy Taco]

--And here's 15 of sportscasting's greatest bloopers [on205th]

--My W&J Presidents beat Westminster 34-7 on Saturday, and by my watch, that makes them a perfect 7-0. []

--And finally, I just got a press release from ESPN 1250 touting the following event on Tuesday:

"1250 ESPN is looking for the next long snapper of the Pittsburgh Steelers. On Tuesday, October 28, The Drive, with Scott Paulsen, Mike Logan, and Eddy Crow will be broadcasting live from the field of Gateway HS from 3-7 PM. While on the air, the guys will be holding open tryouts for the snapper position.

During the tryouts, the #1 ranked Gateway Gators will be practicing on the same field from 3-5 PM to get ready for the WPIAL playoffs. 1250 ESPN's coverage of the playoffs begins this Friday. Ken Laird and Jim Colony call the game of the week on Friday night."

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HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Anyone else notice the double standard by Mark Madden? He writes an uplifting and inspirational column about Aaron Smih being an amazing person off the field and how it inspires him, and then the headline for the story underneath contains the phrase "F--k Off".