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Steelers WR Santonio "Cheech" Holmes just released a statement in which he apologized for his marijuana-posession arrest on Thursday, which subsequently caused him to miss the Steelers-Giants game yesterday:

"I would like to apologize to my teammates, the Steelers' organization, my family and the fans for my actions that caused me to miss Sunday's game," Holmes said in a statement. "I recognize that I made a mistake and understand the significance of my actions and I will not make any excuses for my behavior. I look forward to putting this behind me and to being accepted by my teammates and the fans as part of this team."

He'd better get back soon. Those weekly 50-yard touchdown passes that Nate Washington keeps catching might bump old Santonio down the depth chart. Well, probably not. But the mere fact that some people may actually believe that illustrates just how far the Tiffin product has come in his pro career.

Santonio Holmes apologizes for his arrest on marijuana [Trib]

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Koz said...

Does Ohio State keep an apology speech writer on staff for its alumni athletes or is it just a class they all get to take?

I think I read this before re: Mo Clarett.