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Major announcment coming this sure to check back

--Don't forget, Mark Madden is back today on 105.9 the X at 3 PM. I will be listening. []
--Colin Cowherd just said (after six games in the season) that Matt Ryan is the best rookie quarterback ever, "Even better than Peyton Manning". Don't get me started. [ESPN Radio]

--Lou Holtz freaks out on an ESPN segment. Luckily, the mikes and cameras were on. [The Big Lead]
--Was that Dan Orlovsky safety in the Lions game one of the worst plays you've ever seen or what? [Obsessed with Sports]
--Another season of Pittsburgh XPlosion basketball is on the horizon. Look for my annual post sometime soon. [Trib]
--Highly-touted TE Brock DeCicco chooses Pitt over the weekend. [Pitt Blather]
--Yes, that was Sean Morey blocking the punt in overtime in the Pittsburgh West Cardinals' win over Dallas yesterday. [ESPN]
--Weird Al takes on TI's "Whatever You Like". Do people really still follow Weird Al? [The Rap Up]

--Here's 15 awesome Madden glitches caught on video [on205th]
--And here's Eric Cartman's 9 Most Evil Moments [Screen Junkies]
--By the way, you can now watch every South Park episode for free online (including the very controversial episode first aired on Wednesday - read about it here). Glad I invested in all of those DVD sets. [Comedy Central]

--It's the 10 Dumbest Avengers Moments Stan Lee Ever Wrote [Topless Robot]

--I don't know if it's used in any other songs, but I can definitely tell you that the background music for the new Nike Troy Polamalu/Ladainian Tomlinson commercial is present in Jay-Z's "Blueprint 2" (might want to lower the volume if listening at work):


LeeTunnel said...

Dan Orlovsky running out of the endzone was just prophetic of the fact that he'll be playing in Canada soon.

mondesishouse said...

Late-breaking news that I would've included in the links: Tony Romo is out four months with a broken finger.

Tom Kazansky said...

the ecstasy of gold by ennio morricone from the good, the bad, and the ugly

Anonymous said...

Good to see Madden hasn't changed any, but the flow of the show is really awkward with the music intertwined. At least he's playing good X music from my generation, STP, Bush, Greenday, etc. I was worried it'd be that new crap, or the opposite extreme, UFO's greatest hits.

It's being produced very poorly, though.

RedHawks Hockey said...

How does one listen to the X online? I am having great difficulty.

RedHawks Hockey said...

Also, for those of you who own the metallica S&M cds (if you don't, go buy it, it rocks) the song is from the opening song on the first disc I believe.

mondesishouse said...

Go to and click "listen live".

the nigerian nightmare said...

redhawks, i had the same problem, seemed that when i switched from firefox to i.e. it worked fine.

BURGH08 said...

Glad to hear Madden, but it's exactly what I feared: music in between the segments, and when combined with the commercials, leaving not as much Madden.

I understand it's a radio station, but I don't know how successful it will be when done like this. I'm listening to it all the first day, but waned in between songs that I don't listen to, and even if I did, not sure if I would wait on a regular basis before turning the dial.

For a guy that says 'more of me...less of you', that approach should be with the tunes.

Dave Offord said...

Yea, as extremely pumped as I was for Mark Madden today.. the music during the show ruins it. I'm guessing he doesn't play what he likes, and random 90's rock song is just inserted. I haven't turned FM radio on in almost 3 years thanks to Sirius.. but yikes, intelligent sports talk mixed with Bush and Green Day is sure going to be hard to get used to..

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he's actually prohibited from commenting on the music. There's no way he likes some of that stuff. Notice how he dodged the question when Prisuta asked him to play Skynyrd. He had to be biting his tongue.

Arlow said...

Isn't that song from "the good, the bad, and the ugly?"

Unknown said...

You got it Arlow - Sergio Leone classic! I get chills when hearing it.