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I'm sure you've now heard of Troy Polamalu's "Pansy Game" comments regarding the state of the NFL, easily the greatest description of a pro sports league since Mario's all-time classic "Garage League" moniker for the NHL.

Yesterday on Baltimore's WBAL, Commish Roger Goodell fired back at Polamalu's comments:

"I have a great deal of respect for him as a player, and obviously he has a right to his own views," Goodell said Thursday during an interview on WBAL-AM. "But to say that this is about money and not the health of our players, I think is extremely disappointing when we spend as much time as we do with active players, reviewing our rules, reviewing techniques and making sure we make the game is as safe as possible."

As far as outspoken people go, I'd put Polamalu in the class of Jason Bay and your average street mime, so it's obvious that he's passionate about this topic. Personally, I'd agree with #43. The Steelers have been fined numerous times over the last month, including some plays that weren't even penalties in the game. To say Goodell has gone a bit far in his role as discipliniarian would be a massive understatement. Could you imagine the fines levied if Goodell ran the NFL during the 1970s? Jack Tatum would be penniless.


Reader Chris Flecker of Brooklyn sent in this exquisite video clip, which described as follows: "Listen to the hardest hits and biggest mouths in the Steelers-Bengals rivalry."

Hard hits, from the league that's concerned about the health of their players. No, there's no double-standard here at all.


Ryan said...

I was watching SportsCenter yesterday after work and they had Mark Schlereth on. He agreed with Troy 110%.

He said the league cares about that crest and nothing more.

He then went on to state you could buy a DVD from the NFL shop of the leagues hardest most intense hits.

They either want them or they don't because right now they are just double-dipping.

Broke But Still Drinking said...

I still think the quarterbacks should wear dresses or at least some lipstick so players know not to hit a girl.