Big Lead Sports Bar



Whew. This week's podcast with Dave Dameshek went a whopping 51 minutes (uninterrupted, might I add), giving you true bang for the buck. I suppose we were making up for the watching-the-paint-dry week of Pittsburgh sports we experienced just one week ago. But whatever the case, we had a lot to get to.

We opened, and discussed throughout, different parts of next week's Readers Rule Week (sponsored by Champion), which sparked some great debates between Dave and myself. We also talked at great length about the early-season saga of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Troy Polamalu's opinions on NFL fines, and some thoughts on Steelers-Bengals. I think the only thing we didn't touch on was the guy who ate the enormous hamburger.

If you haven't listened to one of these, this would be a good starting point (and a great way to get fired up for Readers Rule Week). So download it or listen to the streaming version, and enjoy the weekend of sports we're about to experience.

Mondesi's House/Dave Dameshek podcast 10/17/08