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To celebrate the start of another NFL season, we're going to play a little game, inspired by my viewing of every NFL roster multiple times due to recent fantasy football drafts and my brother and I asking each other, "Does _____ still play?" about eight times a day.
Here's how it goes: I name the NFL player (or coach), and you guess whether they're on an NFL roster/coaching staff or not. In honor of this season ending with Super Bowl 43, the quiz will be 43 men deep.
How well do you know your NFL rosters and coaching staffs? (Rosters as per, answer key and scoring chart follows the quiz).
The players: on a roster right now or not?
1. Fullback Mike Alstott
2. RB Anthony Thomas
3. Fullback Lorenzo Neal
4. QB Brad Johnson
5. QB Patrick Ramsey
6. RB JJ Arrington
7. QB Jared Lorenzen

8. WR Josh Reed
9. RB Nick Goings
10. Coach Mike Mularkey

11. Coach Mike Zimmer
12. QB Brian St. Pierre
13. WR Antonio Bryant
14. RB Onterrio Smith
15. QB Chris Simms
16. QB Mark Brunell
17. QB Trent Green
18. RB Ron Dayne
19. Coach Jim Fassel
20. QB Marques Tuiasosopo
21. DL Gerard Warren
22. WR Ike Hilliard
23. RB Najeh Davenport

24. QB Charlie Frye
25. RB TJ Duckett
26. Coach Dennis Green
27. LB Lavar Arrington
28. Coach Ron Rivera
29. Coach Jim Mora (the son, who apparently isn't "Junior")
30. WR Koren Robinson

31. RB Kevan Barlow
32. Coach Jim Haslett
33. Coach Bill Callahan

34. DE Courtney Brown
35. RB Travis Minor
36. QB Chris Weinke
37. Coach Chan Gailey
38. DB Hank Poteat
39. WR Mike Williams
40. Coach Dom Capers
41. Coach Mike Tice

42. WR Troy Brown
43. WR Quincy Morgan

1. No- The 6-time Pro Bowler retired in January of 2008.
2. No- He's currently after a free agent, most recently suiting up 10 times for Buffalo in 2007.
3. Yes- He'll be clearing the way for Willis McGahee in Baltimore.
4. Yes - He's Tony Romo's primary backup in Dallas.
5. Yes - He's the top backup to Jay Cutler in Denver.
6. Yes- He's still kicking around as a backup for the Arizona Cardinals
7. No - The hefty lefty is currently unemployed after spending 2008 training camp with Indy.
8. Yes- He's listed as the 4th WR in Buffalo.
9. Yes -The former Pitt Panther is still a Carolina Panther.
10. Yes- The former Steeler assistant is now the QB coach in Atlanta.
11. No- The well-traveled assistant is the defensive coordinator for Cincinnati.
12. Yes- The man once impersonated in Pittsburgh is Ken Whisenhunt's 3rd option in Arizona.
13. Yes- After missing the entire 2007 season, Bryant is a Tampa Bay Buc.
14. No - "The Whizzinator" was released by Minnesota in 2006 and never played in the NFL again. He was arrested with a DUI in May, 2008.
15. No- He was cut by Tampa in 2008 and is looking for work.
16. Yes- The ageless Brunell will backup Drew Brees in New Orleans.
17. Yes - Green is still alive and backing up Marc Bulger in St. Louis.
18. No- The 2007 Houston Texan is currently a free agent.
19. No- The former Giants head coach is now a broadcaster for Westwood One.
20. Yes- He's back in Oakland after spending 2007 with the Jets.
21. Yes- The 3rd overall pick in 2001 in Oakland for a second season.
22. Yes - The 7th pick in the 1997 draft will suit up for Tampa Bay in 2008.
23. No - The former Packer and Steeler became a free agent on June 28, 2008.
24. Yes- The Browns' 2007 opening-day starter is Seattle's third-stringer.
25. Yes- The man Steelers fans have long desired is also with Seattle.
26. No - Green was fired by the Cardinals on January 1, 2007.
27. No- He was released in February, 2007 by the New York Giants.
28. Yes- Former head coaching candidate du jour, he is now the linebackers coach in San Diego.
29. Yes- The old Falcons coach is now a DB coach in his beloved Seattle.
30. No - The troubled WR is currently out of the league, released by Green Bay in May, 2008.
31. No - He was cut by the Steelers prior to the 2007 season.
32. Yes- The former Saints head man is currently the defensive coordinator in St. Louis.
33. Yes- Former Raiders and Nebraska coach Callahan is the offensive line coach of the New York Jets.
34. No- The 2000 #1 overall pick retired prior to the 2007 season due to knee problems.
35. Yes- He's the third option at running back for the St. Louis Rams.
36. No - He started the last game of the 2007 season for San Francisco, where his services were no longer needed in 2008.
37. Yes- The former Cowboys head coach and Steeler assistant is now the offensive coordinator in Kansas City.
38. No - He was among the final cuts in 2008 Jets camp.
39. No- The former USC superstar was released by Tennessee in July, 2008.
40. Yes - The one-time coach of Dallas and Houston is now in charge of the Patriots' secondary.
41. Yes- The creator of "The Randy Ratio" in Minnesota is currently Jacksonville's tight ends coach.
42. No - The part-time DB appears to have finally played his last game as a Patriot.
43. No- The KR supreme was released by Denver in September, 2007.
0-10: Someone want to buy this person a clue?
11-20: Not bad, not outstanding. If you were an NFL team, your effort would be a 6 or 7-win season.
21-30: A nice, meaty score. Well done. You're surely on your way to becoming an NFL team's director of football operations.
31-35: A fantastic effort, but like the Patriots, a bit short of perfection.
36-43: I'm guessing you either A. Looked at the answer key (also called "Belichicking") or B. Know waaaaay too much about the NFL.


Koz said...

How deep are the rosters in your leagues that you were concerned with any of these jokers?

mondesishouse said...

One league was 18 deep...and yes, they drafted coaches.

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