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--The Steelers open at #6 in the ESPN Power Rankings. Hopefully they can handle the Bowling Green Texans this weekend. []
--Guess what? Baltimore's winning the AFC North. []
--Almost-Steeler Daunte Culpepper retired from the NFL via email today. Is that considered spam? [Deadspin]
--Kissing Suzy Kolber has fun with the Steelers. You will enjoy. [KSK]
--Matt Cavanaugh talks game-plans. I guess this would fall under the category of "comedy". [PG]
--Local hoopster Herb Pope is transferring from New Mexico State to Seton Hall. And this goes under the category of "high-maintenance basketball prodigies". []
--Why is Big Ben better than Eli Manning? Here's a pretty solid argument. [Joshua's Random Thoughts]
--Seperated at Birth: Sarah Palin edition. [TMZ]
--Artie Lange is coming to Heinz Hall next month. As long as he's conscious. []
--Colorful Olympian Ric Blas Jr. is interviewed by Sean's Ramblings. [Sean's Ramblings]

--In defense of the Pirate trades... [Classic Gang Only]

--Sidney Crosby is one of six persons recognized with the "Order of Nova Scotia" today. I guess congratulations are in order. [PG]

--Does Fox Sports have a man-crush on the Eagles? I don't know, but I think this blog has one of the most interesting header photos in the history of blogs. [On Irish Road]

--The bobblehead is dead? Has anyone told the Pirates? [Joe Sports Fan]

A few emails too good to wait until the next mailbag:

From Chad F.:

I know this is one of your small personal quests and occasional rants. You'll find no one who agrees with you more than me about Big Ben>Carson Palmer. In his most recent article in the NFL Preview, Peter King ranks Carson Palmer the #7 player in the entire NFL and Big Ben #18.

My question is, who has been more over-rated than Carson Palmer and a team that has no playoff wins and maybe one winning season in the last 6-10 years?

MH: I don't know, maybe King's #6, Drew Brees? He has a grand total of one playoff win.

Let's give up the Peter King Cause. It's clear we're not getting through to him.

From Terry K.:

I didn't know if you saw these predictions by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Three of their writers pick the Browns to win the North, despite one of them saying, and I quote, "Last season, the Browns played four games against teams with winning records and won one. This season, they play eight games against teams that finished 2007 with winning records, eight against playoff teams and seven against teams that won 10 or more."

I guess she must figure they will win every game against teams without a winning record, seeing as how they played 12 of those games last year and went 9-3 in them.

MH: The Browns are like the Pirates. Every year, there are some signs of hope, and every year, they end up looking forward to next year.

By the way, why does the Browns' 30th-ranked defense in 2007 always get omitted from the conversation where they're winning the AFC North this year?

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HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I'm surprised Derek Naderson wasn't ranked ahead of Big Ben