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Off to an in-person Mondesi's House interview this afternoon. Here's a few links to keep you occupied.
--Alleged luggage thief Tatum Bell defends himself on Dan Patrick's radio show: “Tatum Bell’s not no thief.” [PFT]
--The Pitt hoops team released their 2008-09 schedule. I hope they don't open with Bowling Green. [Pitt Blather]
--Meet my fellow participants in a Steeler Blogger Fantasy Football League. [One for the Other Thumb]
--Reds 8, Pirates 6, and Tom Gorzelanny continues to stink. [PG]
--Matt Cavanaugh's playbook revealed! [Panther Rants]

--It's the return of the Original Friday Football Foodie, teaching football fans how to make Tostada Cups and Mint Juleps this weekend. [Playing the Field]

--The Perfect Party Favor: Rent A USC Song Girl! [Busted Coverage]

--What was the deal with the Redskins not going to the no-huddle on that second-to-last possession down by nine with about five minutes left? Can you say conspiracy theory? [Deadspin]

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HotDog_Zanzabar said...

That can't be a Pitt playbook since the wide receiver routes look to be longer than 10 yards. I haven't seen Cav call a fly route EVER!

football said...

Now this is some funny shit. There’s a new site/blog called Football Fashion Fanatics. Ya gotta check this out. Two guys have taken the Uniwatch idea , sharpened the focus to the NFL, planted toungues firmly in cheek and punched the afterburners into a new level of sports absurdity. Fashion Power rankings, panel discussion videos about the most trivial details of NFL uniforms present and past. If you like football, you’re gonna get a laugh out of this :

Broke But Still Drinking said...

I think I know who is responsible for the high speed chase in Pittsburgh.