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The Pirates just released their schedule for their 2009 season, one that appears, at least according to the results of the last 16 seasons, to be in "all-time record for consecutive losing seasons" historic.
The season kicks off April 6th at St. Louis, with the Pirates' first home game slated for April 13th against Houston, a 1:35 start which probably won't feature Michael Keaton throwing out the first pitch.

The 2009 interleague slate includes:
Away: White Sox, May 22-24; Minnesota, June 16-18
Home: Detroit, June 12-14; Cleveland, June 23-25; Kansas City June 26-28
That means the highlight of the summer, other than the day when one Pirate gets selected to the All-Star Game, will be: the return of Jim Leyland; seeing what could've been with Cliff Lee; and a three-game set against the Pirates' AL doppelganger of ineptitude.
But seriously, a question: who is the face of the team for next year? Will a collage of Sanchez, McLouth, and the Brothers LaRoche suffice? Jack Wilson probably won't be here, so that eliminates him. How about the oft-injured Ryan Doumit? I have a pretty good idea who it won't be, though.
After last night's performance, the Pirates are lucky anyone even cares at this point. How about this for a slogan on their '09 ticket brochure:
"It's just embarrassing. It really is. You've got three guys who run balls out right now. It's frustrating. Just frustrating. The whole thing is frustrating."
The sad part is, that wasn't from a fan. It was from Doug Mientkiewicz.

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Charlie Hildbold said...

Man I remember that Michael Keaton day...I was working in the front office and the very next day all you saw were pictures of Batman with a red line through was quite funny. He said exactly what everyone wanted to but never had the chance!