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--Doug Mientkiewicz calls the Pirates' effort last night 'embarrassing'. Just how many times can an organization hit rock bottom in 16 years? [PG]
--Mike Tomlin talks about Ben's injury. And he's not happy. [Trib]
--Here's one of the many Browns supporters calling for Bill Cowher, who might "love to come back to the AFC North and settle his score with the cheap Rooneys in Pittsburgh". [Bleacher Report]
--It's a new, strange world for Satan. By the way, this is an article about hockey. [PG]
--Looks like the Tarvaris Jackson Era is coming to an end in Minnesota. Unfortunately, the Gus Frerotte Era might not be much better. [PFT]

--Here's Kat DeLuna's train wreck of a national anthem from Monday Night Football. Enjoy if you can. [Fan IQ]

--Have you seen the puke-inducing hit in the Cal-Maryland game? [Baltimore Sun]

--THIS is how they tailgate in Cleveland. [Kiss 96.1]

--Here's 7 plays dumber than DeSean Jackson's Monday night gaffe. [InGameNow]

--USC defends putting a cupcake Ohio State team on its schedule. [Sports Pickle]

--The Lions might be close to signing troubled RB Cedric Benson. And that, ladies and gentleman, is another reason why the Lions are the Lions. [AOL]

--Chronicling the rise and fall of Chappelle's Show... [King Mag]

--With 18.6 million viewers the Eagles-Cowboys was the highest rated cable broadcast in history. Even bigger than Chappelle's Show. [Sports Media Watch]
--Here's five foods that boost your body's metabolism and help you drop the pounds naturally. We must have a very health-conscious audience, because everytime I post links like this, they get a ton of hits. [Yahoo! Health]
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