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Over this past week’s Cubs/Brewers series, Erin Andrews created quite the stir when she wore a rather revealing dress that even Lou Piniella took notice of. Fuel was added to the fire when Mike Nadel of the Peoria Journal Star wrote an article that was very critical of the way that Andrews carried herself while doing her job. While her talent has been the topic of debate for a while now, it’s not really something I find myself caring much about. Not until today, when everyone’s favorite former Fox Sports Pittsburgh reporter Trenni Kusnierek weighs in on the situation. Trenni gives some honest and rather candid opinions on how Andrews is doing more harm than good and even reveals that “Erin is a beautiful girl with a body I'd kill for. I know she's hotter than me.”

I’m glad Trenni pointed that out, because I was really under the impression that she was hotter than Andrews.


ManBearPig said...

I think Erin Andrews has a three speed trannie.

Rob said...

Trenni was being complete honest about what Erin wore.

Anonymous said...

Nice f'n sunglasses, Trenni.