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If anyone had the stomach to endure what turned out to be a very difficult Pirate game to watch, you were treated to what you’ve noticed for the past four months or so. Good hitting, lousy pitching. There was your standard lousy start followed by the pitcher being demoted, Jason Michaels depositing a momentum changing homerun late in the game and a bullpen implosion. The Pirate bats looked good in the top of the first, getting to Cy Young candidate Dan Haren for three early runs, thanks in large part to Brandon Moss’ two-run double. Doug Mient…whatever his name is and Jason Michaels each hit solo homers that kept it close, but it was pretty apparent that our pitchers were either jet lagged, missing their Cuban families or just plain awful last night.

Last night was hard to watch, but otherwise, I’m rather entertained by the group of players we’re putting out there. It’s fun to see McLouth, Doumit, Andy LaRoche, Moss and Pearce all batting next to each other. That might not last long as it was reported today that Andy LaRoche has a strained right thumb (same injury sustained earlier this year) that might require some rest. One of the major knocks on Andy LaRoche has been the injury bug. He’s always been considered a “top prospect” but injuries have hung over him like a black cloud. I would hate to see this require a stint on the DL, since he has yet to have a chance to play regularly at the major league level, but judging by his track record, I shouldn’t hold my breath.


HotDog_Zanzabar said...

They should demote Herrera to Cuba

Unknown said...

I watched Bautista walk two with two out guessed they come crossing home plate. This pitching staff's total lack of control never ceases to amaze me. These guys are supposed to be professionals! You can see pitching this good, if not better, at the high school level.

In my entire lifetime of following the Pirates, I've never seen their pitching staff look this bad collectively. They might as well bring some of these new guys up, they can't do any worse.

Oh, and Snell and Duke...I think your clocks are ticking down too.

Anonymous said...

I had to turn the game off, frustrated with the pitching I was watching...after too much more of the this, the hitting won't be enough to keep me tuned in past the 3rd inning