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Breaking news coming in from the PBC Blog on human soap-opera Pedro Alvarez:
"The Major League Baseball Players Assocation today will file a grievance against the Pirates regarding the signing of first-round draft pick Pedro Alvarez, according to two sources.
The union's contention is that Alvarez agreed to his contract after the Aug. 15 midnight deadline."
The Pirates struck back with a statement that makes a pretty strong case against agent Scott "Darth" Boras, but...ugh. Why must this black cloud continue to linger above this franchise?


HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I know Boras is the one pulling the strings here, but at some point Pedro has to take a stance and get his career started.

Mr. Pinsky said...

Because they are the Pirates and have the Midas Touch in reverse - where everything they touch turns to SH*T!!!

P.O. said...

this is just like the holdout that just ended in jacksonville with the DE Harvey... the amount he is holding out for is so small in comparison to the rest of the contract/bonus that they only person benefiting is the agent... this kid needs to grow some balls and tell boras to get the deal done and get that 6 mil in his pocket

Deaner said...

Boras, what a piece of crap. He and Bud Selig are a two-headed monster set out to destroy the game.

johnny said...

It doesn't matter. We should have taken catcher Buster Posey. The Pirates are a cursed franchise and I encourage everybody to divest themselves of interest in the team.