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Emailer Scott theorized that Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija was the first person to compete at both Heinz Field (as a Notre Dame WR against Pitt in 2005) and last night against the Pirates. I'm pretty sure he's right, although he should leave the two-sport picture to Bo.

On to the news...
--About that game...the Pirates lost yet again, this time by a 14-9 count. Geovany Soto had seven runs batted in for Chicago, who has the league's best record at 82-50. The Pirates stand at 57-75, still nine games out of the overall basement, currently occupied by Washington. But look on the bright side: seven more losses to make history! [Trib]
--After a 2 1/2-hour meeting, there's no resolution yet in the Steelers ownership situation. When you're talking millions, there's no easy answer. [KDKA]
--Controversial columnist/ESPN personality Jay Mariotti resigned from the Chicago Sun-Times. By the way, did you know Mariotti attended Trinity High in Washington, PA? Did you care? [The Big Lead]
--ESPN seems to have forgotten Shady McCoy on their list of Heisman Hopefuls. Hey, mistakes happen. []
--Sounds like pitcher Craig Hansen was a bit unpleasant in a post-game exchange with Dejan Kovacevic. [PBC Blog]
--Looks like King Pryor is going to get some game action on Saturday against Youngstown State. [Trib]
--Here's the best and worst players this year and all-time from every NFL team. That's one ambitious blogger. [Bush League]
--Forbes ranks Pittsburgh as the 10th-worst city to be a sports fan. []
--And in more depressing news, Pittsburgh residents have the fifth-lowest median household income among residents of larger cities around the country, at $32,363. [PG]
--Add Ravens QB Kyle Boller to the list of players who might miss the 2008 season. Thankfully, the Ravens have two other quarterbacks perfectly capable of taking a beating at the hands of the Steelers. [PFT]
--Here's the 9 Worst Recent Fashion Trends for Douchebags. [The Comedy Feed]

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Vince said...

Wow, that guy knows absolutely nothing about the steelers...

Troy is not our best player by a long shot...

The punter is not the worst (that would have to goto somebody on the OL)

Bubby Brister is not the worst player ever, you are forgetting the rest of the 80s and players like Troy Smith and Fumatu Matafalla (or however you spell his name)

And jack Lambert is by far not the best ever, he's not even the best defender...

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

According the Forbes article, our median income is around 37.5k per year.

Post-Gazette says it's down around 32k.