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There's lots of happenings at ESPN 1250, most notably the reunion of Stan Savran and Guy Junker in the 10 AM-1 PM weekday slot. Finally, Pittsburghers have the opportunity to utter, "Stan, the show!" on a regular basis.

That was the biggest in a series of moves that 1250 made before the radio industry trade deadline that goes down this week.
In other transactions, Eddy Crow was shipped to the re-tooled 3-7 PM show, where he will join former WDVE Morning Show star Scott Paulsen and former Steeler "McKeesport" Mike Logan.

And on Friday, the winner of the Top Fan contest was announced: his name is Chris Mueller, and I hope he has a lot of dirty clothes, because he just became the proud owner of $500 in free dry cleaning in addition to the six-month contract at 1250.

Paulsen, Savran additions highlight changes at 1250 ESPN [PG]


Koz said...


The more things change the more they stay the same.

Ratings should be fine because of the ESPN brand and because of the catering to yinzers with these choices, but these teams reek of predictability.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

It was only a matter of time before guy dumped Eddy when his exgirlfriend moved back into town.

Unknown said...

Well, my iPod is happy because it'll get plenty of use on my drives home. Paulsen ... ugh. Just ugh. I like Crow, and maybe Logan will be OK, but this team just does nothing for me. I wish Stan and Guy could do p.m. drive, but that can't happen because of Savran's FSN duties. At least it isn't Laird and Mack. Or the top fan clown. Or any of the other top fan clowns. Did any of them not talk about drinking during their final auditions? Gah.

ManBearPig said...

Crow sucks in any timeslot. Madden must be laughing. He'll own this timeslot as soon as he comes back.

Anonymous said...

Crow does suck but Stan & Guy is awesome.