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We're just one day into Camp Tomlin 2008 and already have our first shocking revelation: Casey Hampton is out of shape. The washboard abs present in his previous seven seasons have all but disappeared. And his trademark endurance on the annual run test? Gone.

Yes, Hampton is in Coach Tomlin's doghouse, also known as the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) List, where he will reside for the near future.

Rather than take responsibility for his physical condition, Hampton has taken a different route: blaming the current coach, and comparing his rules (unfavorably) to Bill Cowher. From the PG:

"I don't think I struggle with weight, I just think my weight was never an issue, and they make a big point of weight with him," Hampton said. "But before, it's never been a thing, you know what I'm saying? I never struggled with it, it's never been a problem.

"Everybody knows I don't like the run test anyway, so it doesn't matter."

That sounds like a healthy point of view for team morale.

On WDVE this morning, Gerry Dulac reported that Tomlin told Hampton a month ago to lose some weight, but in Dulac's words, "That's like asking the grass not to grow."

Hampton himself joked that he hopes it takes "the whole month" to return from the PUP list. I somehow doubt that Tomlin was laughing.

More camp news from the PG and Trib:

--Hampton was joined on the PUP list by Troy Polamalu (hamstring) and Chris Kemoeatu (tricep).

--Willie Colon hinted that there were some philosophical problems last year between Alan Faneca and line coach Larry Zierlein.

--Nate Washington showed up with a mohawk and said he's not bothered by the presence of rookie WR Limas Sweed.

--Hines Ward was videotaping reporters on behalf of the NFL Network.



HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Am I the only one that noticed Nate wearing a Super Mario Bros. t-shirt?

Anonymous said...

Is Casey being placed on the PUP list more about his head than his gut? Is he mentally ready for the season with an attitude like this. He's gotten away with it before and has performed at a Pro Bowl level but his commitment is being tested right now.