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Any Pirate win is cause for celebration; four in a row and Mayor Luke might be planning a parade downtown next week. Is it any sweeter when the defeated San Diego Padres sport a lineup featuring former Buccos Jody Gerut (who made $111,111.11 per at-bat with the Pirates) and Brian "The Human Tan" Giles? Me thinks yes.
But the story of the night was Pirate pitcher/Cuban defector Yoslan Herrera, who, to this point, evoked no memories of countryman El Duque in his prime. That's usually the case when your ERA is 19.50.
The Padres are in no way to be confused with, say, the 1927 Yankees, but a win is a win is a win. Is a win. Especially when the final score is 9-1 and the team you beat is a MLB-worst 38-65. Hey, better to beat those teams than lose to them, right?
Herrera threw six innings, surrendering six hits, one walk and one run while striking out four. His ERA is now under 10. Raise the jolly roger.
Tonight's matchup is the long-anticipated showdown between RHP Cha Seung Baek (2-5, 4.66) and LHP Zach Duke (4.7, 4.92). And if that's not enough for you to buy a ticket, how about a free Al Oliver bobblehead?


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