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As we dip into post #5 (and it's not even 11:00!), here's a topic I've wanted to tackle for quite some time: your favorite websites. I get a lot of recommendations, but I've managed to keep a few of them in the bag for an appropriate time. And today's as appropriate as ever, so let's go to Cool Website #1:
Recommended by "Cecil from Cecil", it's, which allows you to play any Nintendo NES game ever, for free. I tried it out, and can attest that there's nothing like a short game of The Adventures of Bayou Billy to break up the time when live blogging.



Anonymous said...

I am going to get fired today. Between all day blogging on the site, this website and it being a beautiful Friday, I might be unemployed on Monday.

Anonymous said...

I am the best in the world at two things:

1. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!
2. Tecmo Bowl / Super Tecmo Bowl

I first beat Tyson by way of a decision in FEB of 1988 and from the reaction of the other 5 or 6 11-yr olds in the room, you'd have thought we just won free season passes to Kennywood. Care to try? Enter passcode 007 373 5963.

On Tecmo, gimme the 49ers in the original game and I'll beat you all day long hitting Jerry Rice and Roger Craig with "Pass #2."

In Super Tecmo Bowl, I'll take the Oilers and destroy you with a healthy dose of Warren Moon, Drew Hill, Ernest Givens, and Lorenzo White.

(Gotta love the old NES...)