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BIG BEN IS FORTUNATE just released their "Fortunate 50" list, which ranks the top 50-earning US athletes, including salary and endorsements. Not surprisingly, Tiger Woods came in a #1 with nearly $128 million. Somewhat surprisingly, Phil Mickelson was second with over $62 million. And just a little further down the list at #15 is a name you're also familiar with: Ben Roethlisberger.
According to SI, Large Benjamin is taking home $25,200,000: $22.7 million in salary and $2.5 million in endorsements. Says SI:
It's the gift that keeps on giving. Big Ben rakes in $20.2 million of his $25.2 million signing bonus during calendar-year '08; the rest is due next season, plus a $3 million roster bonus.
At this rate, he might outbid Stanley Druckenmiller for ownership of the team in a few years (by the way...have you seen his [Druckenmiller's] house?)
Other list members with Pittsburgh connections: former Pitt Panther Larry Fitzgerald checks in at #35 ($17.35 million), so I'm sure he can expect to hear from the alumni department soon. And former Pirate Jason Schmidt ranks #41 with $16.25 million, worth every penny for that 6.31 ERA and six starts in 2007.
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Anonymous said...

Big Ben has to pay for that pool somehow. Swim-up bar, Gratos, and personalized #7 pool bottoms are not cheap.

Does Devin Hester make the Unfortunate 50 since he only makes like $250,000. Maybe Anquan Boldin can join him since Larry Fitz took all the Cards' money.