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A recent photo of Philadelphia Governor Ed Rendell watching Game Six of the Pittsburgh-Detroit Stanley Cup Finals has revealed his true allegiances, and you won't like them. This is finally the kind of evidence that Penguins fans have hoped to dig up on the long-standing opponent to their new downtown arena.

Actually, the Governor is downing some Faygo and Red Wings sausages only because he lost a bet on the finals to Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. If the Pens could've upended the Wings, Granholm would've been eating hot dogs from the Original Hot Dog Shop, a Primanti Bros. sandwich, and Eat'n Park cookies, all while wearing a Penguins jersey.

Instead, we're forced to watch Rendell inhale discount pop while his less-than-amused press secretary reluctantly participates in the hilarity. Oh, you silly governors!

As for Rendell's true favorite team, they're busy licking their Penguin-inflicted wounds and scouring the free agent market for this year's crop of available goons.

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 ... No Make That 10,000 Words []

Stanley Cup bet: Hot dogs for Granholm, sausages for Rendell []


HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Luke Ravenstahl has a bet with the Detroit mayor trying to see who can make a bigger fool of themselves

ManBearPig said...

It's good to once again see Rendell sucking as ususal.

Anonymous said...

One of Madden's best lines: Ed Rendell, the Governor of Philadelphia.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

drinking Faygo is def punishinment