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That's the plea being made by the Altoona Curve, as they try to entice the SNL alum for a July 21 double-dip with the hated Akron Aeros:
Hollywood mega-star Will Ferrell will toss out a ceremonial first pitch, broadcast an inning on radio and sign autographs for Curve fans. Actually, the odds of any of that happening are extraordinarily slim, but the Curve are hereby begging Mr. Ferrell to accept their invitation. Either way, the Curve will play video clips from his hilarious performances in “Anchorman”, “Old School” and many other films.
Notice that they didn't mention Semi-Pro or Bewitched in that list of hilarious movies. But for those who follow the Curve on a regular basis, this is nothing new. The team is famous for their share of oddball promotions, which this year include:
--“You Got Caught Night” (Wednesday, June 18, honoring the 1919 Chicago Black Sox, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, former U.S. President Richard M. Nixon and Olympic sprinter Marion Jones). What, no Clemens or Donaghy?
--“Train Wreck Series – Ode to Fallen Stars” (Wednesday, August 6, honoring Britney Spears, Leif Garrett, McKenzie Phillips, Danny Bonaduce and Jeff Conaway).
--and the team's favorite, “Awful Night VI – Worseest Ever” (Monday, July 7 vs. Harrisburg): "The most recognizable fun Curve promotion returns! Fans attending the game will be greeted by an awful giveaway item as they enter the ballpark, awful food specials and music throughout the game, and Curve and visiting player stats will change from batting averages to fail percentages."
Being that the Curve develop future players for the Pirates, is there any chance that they also develop future promotions for the Pirates? Wouldn't fans love to see "LAROCHE - FAIL PCT .781" the next time he stepped to the plate?

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Anonymous said...

None of those ideas is as bad as the Buccos' SkyBlast thing.

Need more Gimme Gimme's.

And Matt Morris.