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Been out of town for a few days, so I'm majorly backed up on reader emails and links. Plus, there are a few articles ready to go up, as well as the full recap and breakdown of the Pittsburgh Sports Media Popularity Contest. So help me at least partially clear out my inbox with a few of the better reader-submitted links:
--Former Lions RB Kevin Jones worked out, and the Steelers were one of four teams in attendance. I thought they were overloaded at running back?
--CBS's Pete Prisco decided to stir the pot and rank the Top 50 NFL players. Ben Roethlisberger was the only Steeler to crack the list, at #17. Of course, he would have to be below Carson Palmer (#8). The biggest story may be that FOUR Vikings made the top 20: #10, Kevin Williams; #12, Jared Allen; 15, Adrian Peterson; and 19, Steve Hutchinson.
--Kiss 96.1 found video of Georges Laraque singing "Ice, Ice Baby". Not sure if this will help or hurt him in free agency.
--The DVE morning show mentioned, a website to "locate, rate, and share good and bad neighbors before and after you move."
--Cecil from Cecil sent over the 2008 video of the Stephen A. Smith sock-puppet hecklers at the NBA Draft.
--Vote for Pierogis N'at's Big Snack, a.k.a. Contestant 9, in an ESPN Radio 1250 search for on-air talent.
--Bob Smizik makes the case that Tampa Bay's turaround gives the Pirates hope. I think of the Rays kind of like the Penguins: a team blessed with so many high draft picks that they are just overloaded with young talent. Sorry, but the Pirates aren't in that boat yet.
Much more to follow later today


Unknown said...

that rottenneighbor site also lets you find sex offenders in your area...pretty useful and surprising

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a post recounting our many memories of the recently dumped-upon Dump Truck is in order.

Get those T-shirts while supplies still last ...

Mspierto said...

However it is that you can rank football players as an entity, I'll play along. It's hard for me to accept that Tommy Harris and Vince Wilfork, and Aaron Kampman are better than Casey Hampton, and Aaron Smith respectively. Also, despite having a munsoned OL, Ben Roethlisberger and Willie Parker had career years last season. Parker deserved at least an honorable mention.

Unknown said...

How is Carson Palmer who has really accomplished nothing noteable in his career beyond the regular season ranked higher than Ben all the time? This baffles me.