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A few things while I finish up the second half of the Pittsburgh Sports Media Popularity Contest (to be unveiled at some point later today)...
--Reader Steve B. contends that guitarist Paul Gilbert (and not Rocco Mediate) is/was the best thing to ever come out of Greensburg, PA:
Considered one of the world's greatest rock guitarists for years, in the same class as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Plus, who else in fairly recent years from Western, PA has been on the Tonight Show and has had a platinum album with a Billbord Hot 100 No. 1 hit. (Mr. Big - To Be With You, 1992)?

Good points...but Gilbert can't take credit for knocking Tiger Woods out for the year.
--Cecil from Cecil thought we would like the worst album covers of all time.

--SOB (his real initials) sends over a Vanity Fair article on Bill Clinton that features a mention of Penguins owner Ron Burkle and his attractive, blonde, "not much older than 19 if she was that" guest.

--Our friends at Pierogis N'at came up with a new top 1o list: Top 10 Best/Worst Sports Celebrations.

--It appears that Roger Clemens sold his Bentley to Poison singer/Steeler fan Bret Michaels recently. Early word is that he sold the car to get some cash to put against his legal bills. Sorry, but I'm not buying that. According to Baseball Reference, Clemens took home at least $121 million in salary alone during his career, and their numbers only go through 2005 (not counting the ransom he took from Houston in '06 and the Yanks in '07). And that's just his on-field money. I find it hard to believe that Clemens' cash well has dried up to the point that he has to sell a used ride to a friend of Brady Quinn.

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AJ said...

Paul Gilbert?


Reb Beach and Danny Stag would like to have a word with you.

Unknown said...

Wow... now that's a battle royale of axe-men. Paul Gilbert, Reb Beach. All due respect intended, but I don't know Danny Stag.

I'll have to agree with Steve B., Paul Gilbert is the best thing to come out of Greensburg. Mr. Beach is from Blawnox (I think) so Steve would be correct.

Steve said...

Danny Stagg is pretty good also and was in the 80's band Kingdom Come.

I'm a big Reb Beech fan as well and he's a great guitarist (touring with Whitesnake currently), but Gilbert is on a different level obviously. When Beech can teach master classes at GIT and put out solo material worthy enough of a spot on the G3 tour, then I'll reconsider.