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How much of a following has Pirate SuperFan/Anti-Dentite Ronnie Florian acquired over the past year? His story has been well-chronicled on this site, which has become his unofficial internet fan club.
So you can imagine the variety of "Did you just see that?" emails I received after Florian was apparently spotted last night on the Pirate telecast chasing a ground-rule double ball that Mark Loretta hit into the PNC Park stands.
Mike T. from Pittsburgh had perhaps the best summary:
"I swear to God, I'm watching the Pirates game, there's 1 out in the top of the 7th and Loretta just hit a ground rule double.... A guy seems to have possession of the ball, bounces around, and like a bat out of hell, Florian dives into the screen in a futile attempt to get the souvenir.. I wish I had video proof to send you, but keep your eye out."
So tell me, does anyone out there happen to have any video proof of this moment? The inbox at is begging for it.
By the way, the Pirates won the game, 4-3, and Joggin' Ronny Paulino was sent down to AAA. Coupled with the Pedro Alvarez draft pick and a Ronnie Florian sighting, yesterday was about as great a day as a Pirate fan could ever hope for outside of finishing the season at 81-81.

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Anonymous said...

Anxiously awaiting the video. This sounds like a new commercial in the making.