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According to SI's FanNation via the Toronto Sun, a number of players despise playing for Penguins coach Michel Therrien, including Jordan Staal and Brooks Orpik, who vowed he would not re-sign with the team if Mad Mike is behind the bench next year.
That's pretty surprising, especially on the Staal front. While the Orpik stuff is not breaking news, I was unaware of any rift between Therrien and Gronk. And while Therrien undoubtedly had a great run this season, there remains a share of Penguins fans not totally sold on him as the long-term solution behind the bench.
In other Penguin news, the playoffs are now over, which means we finally find out what players were nursing injuries. The biggest name? Evgeni Malkin, who had "a flu-like ailment that made it difficult for him to keep food down" in addition to the lingering effects of a Mike Richards check from Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.
A tough task ahead [Toronto Sun]


Unknown said...

The Toronto Sun is the Great White North's version of the NY Post. So please keep that in mind here.

Pro coaches in any sport often get too much credit for winning and too much blame for losing. Did Mike Babcock outmaneuver Therrien in the Cup final series? On the ice, perhaps. Not in the press room. That matters, too. Looking at the big picture, the Pens have improved under Therrien and they work hard. They missed out on a championship, but they hardly underachieved.

Honestly, who cares what Jordan Staal thinks? Or Brooks Orpik for that matter? Players are paid to play... not to coach or make personnel decisions. It might be a little different if Crosby were complaining. Then again, Lemieux ran off Scotty Bowman. That worked out well. Who's coaching this team ought to be the least of Shero's worries this offseason.

AJ said...

Wow... a scandalous hockey article coming from the Toronto Sun, I'm shocked.

Anonymous said...

Orpik will be overpaid by a team who is in desperate need of a defensive defenseman - consider him gone.

Staal, on the other hand, may be the recipient of a big time deal. There's just one problem though - he didn't score this year, as evidenced by his "0'fer" in 6 games during the Final. Getting a huge deal as a defensive center is tough.

Of course, his people will argue that he'll produce more when surrounded by more talent. (Probably true.)

I agree with pocket rockets - you're a player. Play the damn game.

godohoky said...

Every player that has ever played for Scottie Bowman agrees they hate him. However he collected stanley cups like I collect hockey cards. I am not saying that hockey coach Mike is anywhere near Bowman. I am just saying you can be a hated coach and be successful as well. A Montreal Canadien said once, about Bowman, that "you hate him 364 days a year, but on the 365th you love him." Had the pens won the cup this year instead of coming up 2 wins short Brooks and Jordy would be praising the job he did.

nlenzi said...

people who think staal is a bad player because he doesnt score goals is a fool. this kind of comment usally comes from a steeler fan who stumbled on the penguins during the offseason and just yells "HIT HIM!" and "SHOT THE PUCK!" at the bar.