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It's a rare situation when a blogger has the opportunity to talk about a family member's athletic achievements in their posts. Mama McNabb immediately comes to mind as one example, although her comments probably get just a little more coverage than mine.

But today, I bring you a new story on my "Worst Avid Golfer" father, published on none other than

It's written by golf editor Jason Sobel, who gets the golf audience up-to-date on what a bad amateur golfer from western PA plans to be doing when The Players' Championship is played this weekend, for those who care.
But seriously, it's a nice little retrospective on that fateful day in the '80s and how painful it truly was to witness. This is one of those stories that would've been tailor-made for blogs had it happened today, so it's kind of cool that it seems to be getting a new lease on life this year.
Sawgrass Takes Me Back [Mondesi's House - my original article on the tournament from last year]

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